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Our Church Staff
Billy Ray Harper

I became a Christian and a member of the church of Christ by obeying the gospel at
age sixteen. My parents and grand parents were Christians, as was most of my
family. After graduating high school I entered Harding University. I completed 45
semester hours credit and enlisted in the US Army because I did not know what my
majorshould be.

Two important decisions were made early in my life. One was to serve the Lord in
whatever capacity needed, and a second was to follow the example of the Apostle
Paul and pay my own way.

While serving in the US Army I preached at White Oak church of Christ when
assigned to Fort Polk, Louisiana. I graduated from Northwestern State University,
Natchitoches, Louisiana with a Bachelors Degree and the next year a Masters Degree.
While attending Northwestern I preached at Coushatta, Louisiana.

I taught and coached in Lake Charles, Louisiana for two years before joining the US
Air Force from which I retired after serving a total of 25 years in the military.
After retiring I became the Director for Georgia Military College at Blytheville Air
Force Base for almost five years.

I became a civil servant at Fort Sam Houston, Texas for 18 years. I was a Curriculum
Construction Specialist and a Communications Specialist. During that time I preached
for the Fort Sam Houston church of Christ. For the last three years I have preached
for the Southwest church of Christ in San Antonio, Texas.

Throughout my life I have done whatever I was asked to do in service to the Lord
and his church. I have taught Bible Classes, participated in the public worship,
preached, led singing, conducted gospel meetings and performed personal work. I
have always preached where ever I lived. The examples in this article are used
because I was at those locations for a year or longer. My wife, Candice and I have
six children, all of whom are Christians. At present we care for our eleven year old
grand daughter, who is a Christian

Church of Christ Southwest

  • 8900 Old Pearsall Road
    San Antonio, TX 78252
  • 210-622-3097
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.